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Planned Giving

Do I Need an Estate Plan?

Yes! See Why

No matter your age or income level, having an estate plan is important. It determines more than just who gets your belongings after your lifetime—it creates your legacy by protecting your loved ones and the organizations and places you hold dear.

If you don’t have a documented estate plan such as a will or trust, the laws of the state in which you reside will determine how your assets are divided and decide the guardianship of children and others under your care. As for all the nonprofits you supported and cherished throughout the years, like Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance, they’d get nothing.

Start With Small Steps Today

Planning your future is a highly personal process. First, consider these questions:

  • Who will receive the home? Vehicles? Jewelry?
  • Who would you like to take care of your underage children or other dependents?
  • Is there anyone who should not receive assets?
  • Are there any charitable organizations or institutions you wish to benefit from your estate?

Once you have these answers, make an appointment with an estate planning attorney to begin putting your wishes into place.

Do I Need an Estate Plan?

If any of these statements apply to you, you should have an estate plan.

  • I have children, grandchildren or a pet.
  • I have a spouse.
  • I have other close family and friends who I’d like to provide for after I’m gone.
  • I own a business.
  • I’d like more of my estate to go to my loved ones instead of taxes.
  • I want my estate to support organizations and institutions I care about.

Include TS Alliance in Your Plans

There are many ways you can ensure your support for Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance continues well into the future by including us in your future plan. Together with your attorney, we can find the best giving option for you. Contact Lisa Moss at or 301.562.9890 or 800.225.6872 to get started.

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